Our Credo…

Our Mission

Every student possesses unique skillsets. At Lagniappe, we strive to uncover those skillsets for the purpose of mastering all academic goals needed for your student’s future. We cultivate an environment where perceived weaknesses are used to triumph over difficult material by using “mistakes” to springboard to success.

We assess the learning styles and goals of each student to create a tailored education, adapting curriculum to your student’s needs rather than forcing your student to adapt to an impersonal curriculum.

Our Full Attention


Lagniappe builds a holistic teaching relationship with our students through our one-on-one tutoring sessions. Our homeschooling program never exceeds a 1:3 ratio of teacher to students, so each child receives the attention needed and deserved.

Our teaching experiences convinced us that a one-size-fits-all method of education does not suit everybody. We founded Lagniappe to contribute to an alternative approach to education.