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With college right around the corner, it is time to start preparing for your ACT and SAT!

Unlike other ACT/SAT tutoring services, Lagniappe tutors are required to take each of the tests as they are released throughout the year.

By taking the same exams as our students, we ensure that our tutors and materials remain current. We update our curriculum to reflect new trends as they appear in the released tests. Because our tutors keep their test-taking skills fresh and have seen the material first-hand, we can offer insights into the tests not available from other test preparation (prep) companies.

Since every child is different, we evaluate prospective students, then design a program based on his or her results.

Our students have seen dramatic improvements in their test scores from one test to the next.

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Improve your score!

Lagniappe’s test preparation (prep) is Frisco’s boutique college entrance exam preparation service. We offer competitive prices and highly trained tutors who work with you to get the results you desire.

As admittance to colleges and universities has become more competitive, students must perform well on college entrance exams. By achieving a high score on the ACT or SAT, students have a greater chance of being accepted to the university of their choice. A high score may even earn them financial aid from an academic scholarship.

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Tips to Help

At Lagniappe, we encourage our students to think about test-taking from a holistic point of view, considering how the mind and body work together to perform at the highest level. While the bulk of time spent in sessions with our tutors focuses on learning content and strategies for their tests, our approach includes simple but effective practices that promote a healthy body and relaxed mind before our students even step into the room on test day, enhancing their chance of scoring well.

Lagniappe Test Prep sessions include all the fundamentals of your test (math, grammar, reading, science, quantitative reasoning, etc..), however, we also offer students the opportunity to learn how to excel at “test taking intangibles”: test day diet, sleeping to score well, meditation and relaxation to reduce test anxiety, focus training to boost attention, and much more.

At Lagniappe Test Prep, we encourage our students to think about test taking as an athlete might think about an event, considering how both mind and body can work together to perform at the highest level.