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We are excited to announce we are now offering DSST exams and Texas Commission on Fire Prevention Exams. For more information or to schedule your exam, contact our office. 

Professional Private Tutoring & Educational Services

Why Choose Lagniappe

Lagniappe is a premier private tutoring company based in Frisco, Texas. Our team of experienced tutors specializes in test preparation and academic support for students of all grade levels. Whether a student is looking to catch up or get ahead of their coursework, we help them achieve their academic goals.

Flexible Scheduling + Less Wasted Time

We offer flexible hours for students who have unique time constraints due to other obligations. Homeschooling lessons can be scheduled Monday through Thursday between 9AM and 2PM. Tutoring lessons can be scheduled Monday through Thursday between 3PM and 8PM. Contact us for additional options if Monday through Thursday does not fit your schedule. We offer flexible scheduling to meet your individual needs.

Customized Education

We offer one-on-one tutoring for students from middle school to undergraduate.  Our instructors work with students to design a personalized academic plan.

We embrace the truth that education is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Children learn in a variety of ways, so we create a learning experience as unique as your student.

Inviting Learning Environment

Our inviting office atmosphere and convenient location set us apart from the rest. 

Test Preparation

Our tutors are required to have an in-depth knowledge of each test and stay current on all newly-released tests. This personal knowledge of the exam keeps our tutors well-versed in the patterns and structures as the test evolves. We use our experiences to instill confidence in your student as we progress through our proven process.

21st Century One-Room Schoolhouse

Done Right.

Personalized learning experience

Struggles become successes

Concentrated time, accelerated results

Transform struggles into success

Time for extracurricular interests


Successful Students


GPA & Test Improvement

Does your child need help in achieving their academic goals?


Triumphant Achievements

Academic Success Stories

We provide a holistic experience that allows students to improve their executive functions – cognitive processes – in order to master their academic pursuits.

Geometry Conquest

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Time for Training

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Ambitious Acceptance

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Statistics that tell our story

Lagniappe students score higher than their peers on content tests and standardized tests.
More on National Results | More on Lagniappe Student’s Results

Average GPA Improvement

Not every Lagniappe student comes to us with their ideal GPAs.  Those that are tasked with improving their GPAs for acceptance into undergraduate or graduate schools see a significant jump within eight to twelve months.

Percent Improved Test Scores

From SAT & ACT to weekly course tests, Lagniappe students score higher than their peers on course and standardized tests. 

Average GPA

Whether your freshman year in high school or college or anywhere between, Lagniappe students average higher GPAs than traditional students in public schools.

Top Percentile

Median standardized test scores by Lagniappe students are in the top 85th percentile.

* 50th percentile is considered an average score


What They Say About Us

Our personalized approach to academic tutoring and test prep produces real results. 100% of our SAT students have seen an increase in their scores by at least 150 points over the past year. Most all students report that their writing, math, and reading skills have improved well into college and aid them in their academic and life endeavors every day.


Your child’s growth is our Focus

The Lagniappe Way

Our teachers bring their blends of classroom, tutoring, and homeschool experiences to enhance our one-room schoolhouse.

In contrast to nationwide tutoring companies, Lagniappe Tutoring is your local, woman-owned educational provider that considers our students as part of the Lagniappe family rather than a temporary student through a revolving door.

Our Mission

Every student possesses unique skill sets. At Lagniappe, we strive to uncover those skill sets for the purpose of mastering all academic goals needed for your student’s future. We cultivate an environment where perceived weaknesses are used to triumph over difficult material by using “mistakes” to springboard to success.