Our Pricing

Because we tailor our programs to each student, our prices vary.
Each 1.5-hour session begins at $127.50.
An initial assessment is $295.

Lagniappe offers three unique types of educational services:

Our fee structure for each service is unique and based upon the development of each student’s academic goals.  We highly suggest contacting one of our educational directors for a unique review of each student’s needs and requirements.

We offer bulk pricing discounts for purchasing more hours at one time.

pricing and fee information

Tutoring &
Test Preparation

While each student will receive a unique curriculum based on their needs and goals, below we have listed our standard fees.  Please contact our team if you have any questions or need further info.

Initial assessment* | starting at $295.
Each hour** | starting at $85.

* required to start any student.
** each session is on average 1.5 hours.


pricing and fee information


As with our tutoring and test preparation services, each student receives a personalized plan to achieve his or her desired academic success, requiring an individual assessment of each student.

To learn more about our private homeschooling services, please contact our team today!