flexible scheduling and curriculum


One size does not fit all. We work with your student to tailor curricula to his or her needs.

We provide a warm, nurturing environment for students to flourish. The state of Texas has no requirements for private schools or homeschoolers. Our one-room schoolhouse format allows for flexibility in scheduling and curricula while providing structure and academic mastery.

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Homeschools are considered private schools in Texas. Private schools are not regulated nor required to teach state-accredited curricula.

However, this does not mean our curricula is sub-par. Study after study show homeschool students outperform their public-school peers even when the parent/teacher does not have a degree: in some cases, the parent/teacher never even completed high school.

If you have chosen an academic path towards college, your student will be accepted into reputable colleges of his or her choice.

full-time private


With our full-time homeschooling option, students can receive a formal personalized education in an environment free of the downfalls of today’s public and private schools. Lagniappe is a fantastic option for dual-career parents who prefer to homeschool their children.

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advanced learning

Lagniappe stands in the gap for those subjects you are not confident you can teach well. Whether it is for a season or the duration of your student’s academic career, we will work with your family’s unique situation to assist you in providing an excellent education that fits into your daily or weekly schedule.

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Elite Performers

Elite athletes have unique challenges when balancing academics with intense practice schedules and lengthy competitive seasons. Talented musicians, actors, models, and dancers must balance significant rehearsal and performance schedules with their studies.

Lagniappe offers flexible scheduling so athletes and performers can attend the necessary activities to develop their talents, staying mindful of academic requirements placed upon them by NCAA, competitions, and college admissions.

Reaching Triumphant Achievements

Academic Success

Lagniappe has a near 100% success rate with our students in their academic goals. Though some students may take longer than originally planned, we will help your child achieve his or her goals.




Monday through Thursday
9:00 am to 2:00 pm

We follow the Frisco ISD school calendar; however, we will adjust schedules depending on individual needs.