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ACT & SAT Test Preparation

Our one-on-one test preparation (prep) tutoring sessions for the American College Test (ACT) and Scholastic Assessment Tests (SAT) prepare students to meet and even exceed their expectations.

Our one-on-one approach to test prep allows students to learn the material quickly and efficiently. We address hurdles immediately without calling attention to them in front of other students, erasing the embarrassment factor that often prohibits learning. This program is not for self-proclaimed “lazy” students. As with anything in life, your student must put forth the effort for these difficult exams, but our tutors are ready to encourage them along the way.


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At Lagniappe, we are vigilant in our quest to maintain current content for our SAT test preparation (prep) students. Keeping our materials up to date allows us to provide students with the necessary tools to succeed on test day. These tools include strategies, skills, and weekly test exposure through a mix of our own specialized curriculum and released tests. We tailor our material to each student, allowing us to pinpoint hurdles, accelerating the process.

Whether your student aims to score at or above the 90th percentile or wants to improve his or her familiarity with the test, our course will place your student in the position to perform at his or her best on test day.

In addition, we host 6-hour boot camps before SAT tests. This intense review provides one last opportunity to drill material, allowing students to approach the exam with well-rehearsed strategies fresh in their minds.

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At Lagniappe, we have created and maintain our own specialized curriculum: the fruit of hours of tutors taking and studying the ACT. The combination of our content and personal experience with the tests gives our students the confidence they need to excel on test day.

ACT preparation (prep) classes are designed around the four sections of the test. Students will work with their tutors to tackle content and practice skills by utilizing our curriculum and released tests.

Each section of the ACT requires unique strategies. We teach our students how to manage their timing, recognize patterns, and spot “traps” commonly found in the ACT exam as we progress thorough our curriculum.

Our students have opportunities to put their material and skills knowledge to the test by taking released ACT exams. Practicing on real exams allows students to become familiar with the format, timing, and their personal pitfalls. This intense level of preparation allows our tutors to guide students though their hurdles, increasing the likelihood of overcoming them before test day.

Standardized Testing


Everyone has a method of learning that works best for them. This is also true for taking tests. Some students naturally test better on standardized tests. However, other students’ level of intelligence is not well represented by these tests. A student with excellent grades may not always receive high marks on the ACT or SAT. We help a wide range of students attain scores that give a more accurate picture of their knowledge, aiding them in being accepted to the college or university of their choice.

Rest assured that we will guide your student through current, relevant material, teaching him or her the latest concepts of the ACT or SAT.

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