Safe & Effective

done for you

A personalized learning experience for your child.

More attention to mastering the basics.

Efficient learning: learn more in lesser time.

A private tutor brings in the discipline: The key to long term success.

Your child will develop a passion for learning.

Your Child Can Be Honest about his/her weaknesses

Increased aptitude for other co-curricular activities

Accurate Updated Yearly

Test Prep

Master the test with top-scoring tutors with decades of experience in achieving superior results for students. Raise your score through one-on-one, face-to-face tutoring, at our facility or without ever leaving your living room.

Set goals and develop a personalized plan to achieve your ideal test results

Reinforce critical academic skills by caring and knowledgeable, professional educators

Learn the LATEST tricks and traps to alleviate test anxiety and improve focus during testing

Professional Private Tutoring & Educational Services

Why Choose Lagniappe

Lagniappe is a premier private tutoring company based in Frisco, Texas that strives to empower the community through the power of education. Our expert team of experienced tutors specialize in test preparation and academic support for students of all ages, grades, and levels. Whether you are looking to catch up or get ahead, we want to help you achieve your goals.

Flexible Scheduling + Less Wasted Time

We also offer flexible homeschooling for children that may have unique time constraints from sports and other obligations. Lessons can be scheduled at most anytime and day of the week. Our adjustable programs allow you to book tutoring sessions at your own convenience, in order to accommodate for your needs.

Comfortable Learning Environment

Our private learning center is clean, comfortable, and designed to feel like home.  Private learning spaces are individually designed and offer a wide range of technology and personalized academic development.

Update Jan 2020: Our NEW 2.0 Learning Facility will be open shortly with everything brand new and catered to our students.

Customized Lesson & Subject Plans

We offer one-on-one tutoring to students from elementary school to undergraduate.  One of our professional educators will work with you individually to design a personalized curriculum.

We wholly understand that education is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution.  Many children learn differently and thus our approach is unique to each child.


Successful Students


Medium GPA Improvement

Does your child need help to achieve their academic goals?

If so, we encourage you to learn more about the homeschool tutoring services offered by Lagniappe Tutoring. We have helped 1,200+ students across virtually all grade levels and subjects —which is just one of the reasons why more than 95% of our clients say that they would recommend our program to other students.

Triumphant Achievements

Academic Success Stories

Success in school is determined by multiple factors. While we support students with mastering academic content, we also focus on executive functioning skills, which, in many cases, take a student from good to great or help a student who is on the edge of failure get back on track.

Geometry Conquest

Time for Training

Ambitious Acceptance


Statistics that do not lie

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Average GPA Improvement

Not every Lagniappe student comes to us with their ideal GPAs.  Those that are tasked with improving their GPAs for acceptance into undergraduate or graduate schools see a significant jump within eight to twelve months.

Improved Test Scores

From SAT & ACT to weekly course tests, Lagniappe students score higher than their peers on course and standardized tests. 

Average GPA

Whether your freshman year in high school or college or anywhere between, Lagniappe students average higher GPAs than traditional students in public schools.

Top Percentile

Median standardized test scores by Lagniappe students are in the top 85th percentile.

* 50th percentile is considered an average score


What They Say About Us

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Your child’s growth is our everything

The Lagniappe Way

We are committed to our local community!

What differentiates Lagniappe Tutoring from other tutoring and homeschooling options is our education professionals’ exceptional knowledge and experience and the bespoke approach to each student and their goals.

While most other large, nationwide tutoring companies simply match your child with an independent contractor, much like your food delivery or shared ride services. However, Lagniappe Tutoring is your local, military-owned educational provider that, in some cases, has homeschooled or tutored entire families of children.

Our Staff

Focused solely on the development and success of your student, our team educators do not delve into politics or other virtue-signaling topics that are so present in today’s public and private institutions.

Our Mission

Every student possesses unique capabilities. Our mission is to help each child discover and expand these talents and boost their self-esteem. By providing praise, encouragement, guidance, and superior, cutting-edge academic instruction, our program will result in the student becoming more confident and achieving their academic goals.