Lagniappe’s Supervised

Learning Lounge

Does your student need a better environment to complete his/her daily homework assignments?

Do you have students in multiple grades with different needs?

Does your student need hands-on tutoring to learn better study habits and practices?

If you said yes to any of these three questions, our Supervised Study Lounge might be a great fit for your student(s).

In keeping with Lagniappe Educational Service’s commitment to maximizing the academic success of every student we tutor, we now offer the full range of options for after-school academic assistance for students K-12.

middle & high school students

Learning Lounge

Supervised Direction

Peer Interaction

Conducive Study Environment w/ fewer distractions

Hands-on Support

Available to middle and high school students, Lagniappe’s Learning Lounge provides a home, quiet setting for students to complete assignments.  Whether your student needs more hands-on learning assistance or less assistance but more motivation, Lagniappe’s lounge has a desk waiting for him/her!

Many parents find our interactive study club an invaluable resource supporting busy schedules and reducing the stress often associated with homework & school projects.  

middle & high school students

Varsity Homework Workshop


Personalized Tutoring, Studying Guidance, Quiet Environment


Peer Distraction

The Varsity Homework Workshop is ideal for students who require more hands-on academic support for their success. We limit our Varsity Homework Workshops to 5 students per room per educator so each student is provided with the personalized assistance they need to complete their assignments in an uninterrupted environment. VH Workshops provide the level of assistance students need to complete their assignments and comprehend their subjects.

While our standard Varsity Homework Lounge is geared towards motivated students that require less intensive support in lieu of a studious conducive environment, our Varsity Homework Workshop is primarily for those that may require more intense academic support for their success.

While we keep our VH Workshops under 5 students per room, per educator, each student is provided with the personalized assistance needed to get organized and started with their assignments in a more uninterrupted environment.  Our goal in our VH Workshops is to provide as much assistance as needed to complete their assignments and better comprehend the subject matter.

Learning Lounge FAQs

What is the teacher to student ratio?

The teacher-to-student ratio can vary, but it never exceeds 5:1.

Is your school accredited?

Lagniappe Educational Services is not a school; therefore, accreditation is unnecessary. We facilitate our students’ learning and use state-approved curricula, materials, and texts. The state of Texas supports parents, students, and teachers who homeschool. Homeschooling allows flexibility and individualism for students. At Lagniappe, we embrace our students’ various learning styles, strengths, weaknesses, and schedules, and we use that knowledge to create an individualized program for each kid.

Which curriculum does Lagniappe use?

Lagniappe uses the curriculum that fits your student best. We evaluate each student first, then choose a curriculum or pull from several curricula, depending on the individual student. We have used many over the years: Seton Home Schooling, Texas Tech K-12, Connections Academy, Sonlight, ACE, PACE, and Math U See.

Describe your teaching staff.

All of our instructors are highly qualified in their specific areas. We hire certified teachers with classroom experience. Some of our teachers currently homeschool their children in addition to our students.

What are your hours?

Monday-Thursday 9 am-2 pm. We do have extended hours from 7:30 am- 4:30 pm.